The 2018 Office EER and Industrial EER surveys are now open. Submit your data before March 30.
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    Unlock valuable benefits to improve your building’s performance through benchmarking.

    Share your data with the 2018 EER surveys.

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    The latest benchmarking data for the office and industrial sectors is still available.

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    The 2018 Office EER and Industrial EER surveys are now open.

    Submit your data today.

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Turn Your Data into a Competitive Advantage

Sharing your data with the 2018 EER surveys unlocks a number of valuable benefits to help you improve your building’s performance:

New this year, receive a free Market Snapshot, which offers top-level income and expense data you can use to broadly assess how your property compares to others in the same market;

Gain priority access to the 2018 reports—and receive the deepest submitter discounts ever offered on your subscription (40% or more off);

Fulfill a prerequisite for applying for, maintaining or renewing your building's BOMA 360 designation; and

Help create the best and most accurate benchmarking tools in the industry, which can then be used to assess income and expenses, validate business strategies, create budgets and more when they are launched in June.


With information collected from thousands of office buildings in markets across the U.S. and Canada, the Office EER offers more income and expense data than any other comparable industry source.

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BOMA International’s one-of-a-kind Industrial EER has revolutionized industrial real estate, giving property professionals the reliable, sector-specific data they need to evaluate and refine operational strategies, assess new markets, and maximize industrial asset performance.

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  • Team Member

    Dan Chancey, RPA

    Vice President, Senior Asset Manager | Commercial Advisors Asset Services, LLC | Memphis, TN

    “I submit data to the Office EER survey every year because I find the Office EER the most valuable tool out there to benchmark my properties. Quite frankly, I don’t understand why you wouldn’t participate in the Office EER survey—it’s free to submit, it’s simple to input and it’s critical to our business success.”

  • Team Member

    Eileen Lewis, BOMA Fellow, RPA, FMA

    Property Manager | Reliance Management | Tucson, AZ

    “Last year, I submitted data from my entire industrial portfolio to the Industrial EER survey, and the process could not have been any easier. I highly recommend that everyone in industrial real estate participate in this survey each year.”

  • Team Member

    Katie Sakach

    Vice President and General Manager | Transwestern | Chicago, IL

    “I believe all office properties should participate in the Office EER survey. Not only does it help set a great benchmark for the industry, but it also opens the door to being able to earn the BOMA 360 designation for your building.”

  • Team Member

    Shelby Christensen

    Senior Vice President of Real Estate Operations | Liberty Property Trust | Malvern, PA

    “Owners and managers of industrial properties reap huge benefits from having access to the unique, sector-specific benchmarking data of the Industrial EER. I want to personally encourage everyone with an industrial property to share their data with the Industrial EER survey.”

  • Team Member

    Lynn Vilmar

    Senior Property Manager | Banyan Street Capital | Tampa, FL

    “I submit data from my office building to the Office EER survey every year. It truly is a quick and easy process, and the wealth of information you get back as a result of completing the survey is so valuable. There’s no reason for anyone not to participate in the Office EER survey.”

Why Share Your Data?

You’ve heard it before: Sharing your data with the Office EER and Industrial EER surveys couldn’t be easier! But don’t take our word for it. Just ask these property professionals.

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