Boost Your Industrial Property’s Performance

BOMA International has revolutionized how business is done in the industrial sector. Each year, it offers the only benchmarking resource of its kind in the commercial real estate industry specifically tailored to the industrial sector: the Industrial EER. But in order for BOMA to provide this critical resource to the commercial real estate industry once again this year, we need you to share your data with the 2018 Industrial EER survey.

Turn Your Data into a Competitive Advantage

Not only is your participation in this annual survey essential to ensuring BOMA continues to capture the best and most accurate benchmarking information in the industry for its forthcoming 2018 report, but sharing your data also unlocks a number of valuable benefits to help you improve your industrial property’s performance. When you complete the survey, you will:

Gain priority access to the 2018 report—and receive the deepest submitter discount ever offered on your subscription (40% or more off);

New this year, receive a free Market Snapshot*, which offers top-level income and expense data you can use to broadly assess how your industrial property compares to others in the same market;

Fulfill a prerequisite for applying for, maintaining or renewing your building's BOMA 360 designation; and

Help create a valuable benchmarking tool for the industrial sector, which can then be used to assess income and expenses, validate business strategies, create budgets and more when it is launched in June.

*The new Market Snapshot will offer overview data for your market. Dig deeper into the individual line items by purchasing a full market report.

Completing the Survey Is Easy

Any industrial property can submit 2017 year-end income and expense data to the 2018 survey, regardless of whether or not the property is owned or managed by a BOMA member. The online submission form allows most respondents to finish in about 30 minutes, but there’s no need to complete an entire survey at once. Save your answers as you go and return to the form as many times as needed before the March 30 deadline.

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Interested in sharing data from multiple properties with the 2018 surveys?

If you have 10 or more properties, complete our Excel spreadsheet template to quickly and simply upload your data to the survey system. After logging into your account, click the “Import Multiple Properties” link, which will take you to a webpage with links to templates for both the Office EER and Industrial EER surveys. Questions? Contact

Contributors using Waypoint’s online Contributor Platform should contact Waypoint directly at by February 28, 2018, to proceed with this option.

Still Available: The Definitive Resource for the Industrial Sector

Whether you own, manage or occupy a bulk warehouse, a distribution center, a manufacturing facility, R&D or lab space, a call or data center, a cold storage facility or flex space, only the Industrial EER has the data you need to remain competitive in the fast-growing industrial marketplace. The information found in the latest report—the 2017 Industrial EER—can help you refine operating strategies; maximize industrial asset performance; demonstrate to owners and tenants how operating expenses compare to the market average; and much more.

The Industrial EER’s advanced online database allows you to go beyond the broad national and individual market data to design reports for your state, province or region; search by multiple building parameters, such as property size or age; and access historical data to help identify market trends. Plus, subscribers can run separate reports for different market sectors.

Office EER

Industrial properties aren't the only buildings that can benefit from benchmarking data.

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