The Definitive Resource for the Industrial Sector

Due to consolidation in the industrial sector, we will not be producing a 2020 Industrial EER report. Reports from past years and trend data are still available for purchase.

Industrial properties are built on a foundation of data. But if you're only looking at the numbers from your own property, you're not getting the whole story. Without context, these facts and figures—rental rates, operating expenses, occupancy—don’t tell you much about how well your property is operating in comparison to its competition.

BOMA International’s annual Industrial Experience Exchange Report gives you the context you need to make this data work for you.

The Industrial EER is the commercial real estate industry’s only benchmarking resource for the industrial sector. With the information found in this report, you can:

  • Evaluate and refine operational strategies;
  • Maximize industrial asset performance;
  • Demonstrate to owners and tenants how operating expenses compare to the market average;
  • Identify trends in local, regional and national markets with historical data; and more!

With data collected from thousands of industrial properties across more than 100 U.S. markets, the 2019 Industrial EER offers valuable sector-specific information, including:

  • Income (Base rent, pass-throughs, operating expense escalations, etc.);
  • Expenses (Exterior building maintenance, management fees, amortizable capital expenditures, etc.);
  • Average square footage per tenant and tenant employee; and
  • Occupancy data.
Create Your Own Customized Reports

Since no two industrial properties are exactly alike, the Industrial EER’s advanced online database allows subscribers to design customized reports by building type, by lease type, by location and even by property characteristics such as size or age to ensure the benchmarking information you access best speaks to your individual property.

Whether you own, manage or occupy a bulk warehouse, a distribution center, a manufacturing facility, R&D or lab space, a call or data center, a cold storage facility or flex space, only the Industrial EER has the data you need to remain competitive in the fast-growing industrial marketplace.

Industrial EER